James Edward Franco is an actor, filmmaker, and writer from the United States. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in 127 Hours.

Franco is most known for his parts in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (2002–2007), Milk (2008), Eat, Pray, Love (2010), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Spring Breakers (2012), and Oz the Great and Powerful (2013).

He is best recognized for his work with fellow actor Seth Rogen, appearing in eight films and one television series with him, including Pineapple Express (2008), This Is the End (2013), Sausage Party (2016), and The Disaster Artist (2017), for which he earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

On April 19, 1978, James Edward Franco was born in Palo Alto, California.

Betsy Lou his mother, is a children’s book author and occasional performer, and his father, Douglas Eugene Franco, was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

His father is of Portuguese and Swedish ancestry, while his mother is Jewish, descended from a Russian-Jewish family.

Daniel, his maternal grandpa, altered his surname from “Verovitz” to “Verne” in 1940. Marjorie  his paternal grandmother, is a published young adult author.

Mitzie  his maternal grandmother, was the owner of the prestigious Verne Art Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, and an active member of the National Council of Jewish Women.

James Franco’s Net Worth

James Franco has a net worth of $30 million

James Franco’s Real Age

James Franco Career

James Franco is 44 years old. He was born on April 19, 1978.

James Franco Parents

James Franco’s parents are Douglas Eugene Franco and Betsy Franco

James Franco Wife

James Franco isn’t married. He was previously dating  Izabel Pakzad.

James Franco  Children

James Franco doesn’t have any children