Major League Baseball has a large number of positions that are essential to the proper operation of the organization.

These positions, ranging from ticket takers to concessionaires, are essential if the event is to function well. The batboy and ballboy are two examples of these positions.

It may seem straightforward on the surface, but the job of a bat boy or ball boy is anything from simple.

Do MLB Batboys Get Paid?

Bat boys and ball girls currently earn between $9 and $10 per hour. The math comes up to between $19,000 and $20,000 every season because they work an average of 8-9 hour days at each home game.

MLB Batboys
MLB Batboys

Bat boys and ball boys earn a decent wage, but they also gain invaluable experience by spending time on the field with the players and getting a unique perspective on the game. Some of the rewards of the work are unmatched by anything else.

Who is an MLB Batboys?

A batboy or batgirl is a baseball player who transports baseball bats to other players on the squad.

A batboy’s responsibilities may also include maintaining and preparing players’ equipment, as well as delivering baseballs to the umpire throughout the game.

A batboy stays in or near a team’s dugout and the area around home plate during games.

Ball boys, who are stationed down the foul lines to retrieve foul balls, are not to be confused with batboys.

Batboys are allowed to interfere with play because they are stationed on the field, albeit in foul territory; such incidents are controlled by Rule 6.01(d), the essential point of which is that if the interference is inadvertent, any live ball remains alive and in play.