When a pitching coach notices that a pitcher’s performance is slipping during a game, the bullpen pitchers begin throwing practice pitches to warm up.

It has become increasingly important and specialized since the early 1950s. As an in-game coach, he gives advice to the manager about pitchers’ arm health and serves as an arms trainer for the pitcher currently on the mound.

Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan

When a manager goes to the mound, it’s usually to make a pitching change or to talk about defensive strategy. The pitching coach, on the other hand, is the one who typically visits the mound to discuss mechanics or how to pitch to a certain batter. Pitching coaches are typically former pitchers.

Except for former St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan, no one has been a catcher in the major leagues. Pitching coaches used to be former catchers before the 1950s. Unlike a pitching coach, a bullpen coach works solely with relief pitchers.

Who is the Highest Paid Pitching Coach in MLB?

Although MLB doesn’t publish the salary of managers, coaches, or front office staff, Dave Duncan was paid roughly $750,000 per season as the highest pitching coach which is still a bargain considering that most managers make several times that amount, and teams frequently spend twice that for subpar veteran bench players, according to Strauss.