The salaries of MLB’s general managers and coaches are not made public. On the internet, information can be considered plausible, although estimations can vary widely.

Baseball analyst Joe Giglio predicted in 2017 that Brian Cashman’s compensation would soon reach $10 million, making him the league’s highest-paid general manager.

However, according to a number of other websites, GM salaries range from $500,000 to $2.5 million.


The information available on the internet reveals that field manager pay are rising. Despite this, field managers are paid less than GMs.

When Joe Girardi stepped down as the Yankee manager, it was widely believed that he earned $4 million a year; it’s widely believed that Boone is being paid more.

Depending on the job and team in which they work, position coaches’ compensation might vary greatly.

In the case of the New York Yankees and other big-spending clubs, salaries have always reflected that. The Oakland A’s, for example, make considerably less money and pay their players accordingly.

How Much Does the Pitching Coach for the Yankees Make?

Pitching coaches reportedly earn between $200,000 and $360,000 on average, making them one of the more well-paid positions on the coaching staff.

So we can clearly state that a pitching coach for the Yankees earns around $200,000 and $360,000 on average.