When we think about team mascots in all their lively and often odd grandeur, it’s hard to fathom that they ever existed in any other form. Baseball’s good luck charm was actually a young boy who handled bats and performed errands for the club in the 1800s. His name was Chic.

The players pinned their faith to Chic’s luck-bringing qualities and those so-called good luck charm characteristics and maybe a little superstition laid the foundation for what has become the goofy, beloved, and most infamous mascots of both professional and amateur sports teams all over modern-day America.

MLB Mascots
MLB Mascots

In today’s world, mascots not only play an important role in the vast world of sports, but they also serve as symbols of the communities in which their teams play, and they provide marketing departments with a plethora of opportunities and revenue streams through licensing, merchandising, and other forms of digital and traditional marketing.

How Much do MLB Mascots Make?

Mascots typically begin their careers in the minor leagues, where they can expect to make around $25,000 per year. However, once they reach the level of mascot for a professional sports team in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL, they can expect to make over $60,000.

It’s no surprise that Harry the Hawk, the Atlanta Hawks mascot, has a full plate. According to SportsMascots.com, Harry makes between 200 and 300 public engagements per year. Because of this, the person who wears the costume is paid $250 for each 30-minute presentation.