Chris Wallace is a television broadcaster, writer, and journalist from the United States who worked for ABC for 14 years until joining Fox News in 2003.

His Fox News Sunday program broadcast on Fox Broadcasting and Fox News. On December 12, 2021, Chris abruptly announced his retirement from Fox.

Chris is a mystery. He is a registered Democrat working at Fox News and tends to be conservative. He was born to Jewish parents, but when he married a Catholic, he puts a rosary on the bedside table, touches it, and prays every night. Chris is one of the few journalists who worked on all four major networks during his career.

What Does Lorraine Martin Smothers Do For A Living?

Chris has had two marriages. His first marriage, in 1973, to Elizabeth Farrell resulted in four children. Since 1997, Chris has been married to Lorraine Martin Smothers. Dick Smothers, a comedian/singer/actor, was Lorraine’s previous spouse.

Lorraine Martin Smothers rose to prominence as the wife of Chris Wallace, an American TV anchor and political pundit. Lorraine Martin Smothers is also a cookbook author from the United States. Similarly, she was previously married to Dick Smothers, an American actor, comedian, songwriter, and musician.