The death of 63-year-old Jose Arnoldo Amaya was announced over the weekend following El Salvador’s horrifying massacre.

It was an amateur match at Toluca Stadium, Miramonte, that referee was officiating according to Marca.

When Amaya issued a second yellow card to an aggressive player, things got heated.

The official, who had been a referee for 20 years, was instantly targeted by the rowdy.

Amaya was viciously attacked by both the player’s teammates and their supporters as a result of the incident.
After being brutally attacked, Amaya had to be taken to the Zacamil hospital for immediate care.

Doctors noticed he had internal bleeding while he was there.

Despite their best efforts, Amaya’s injuries worsened.

And soon after, it was announced that he had tragically perished.
condemning the heinous acts of brutality committed on Amaya.

Hugo Carillo, the president of Colombia, also took to the airwaves to chastise those responsible.

That referee was Jose Arnoldo Amaya, and the Federation firmly rejects what occurred to him, he said to El Tiki Taka.

There is no doubt in our minds that the perpetrators of this crime will be brought to justice.”

Referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya Cause Of Death

After being assaulted by players and supporters for showing a red card, Jose Arnoldo Amaya died of internal hemorrhage at the age of 63.

Referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya Tribute

As people pay tribute to Amaya’s life, tributes have been pouring in from all over. Friends and family members have taken to social media to share memories of Amaya’s life, which have flooded the platform with heartfelt tributes.

Amaya is remembered as a kind and caring person who put others before himself. Amaya exemplified the best of humanity in so many ways. Amaya’s death was brutal, to say the least.

Amaya’s passing will undoubtedly leave a great void. It will be difficult to bridge the gap between family and friends so rapidly. The death of Amaya will be etched in the minds of the public for all time.

Referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya  Funeral

Amaya’s family has not released the details of her funeral plans. The obituary, funeral, and life celebration details will be shared at the appropriate time by the family and loved ones. We’ll do our best to keep you informed as things develop.