Davie Wilson, who represented Scotland in football, and played as an outside left has passed away today, June 14, 2022. He was most well-known for his decade at Rangers, where he was a key contributor to the team’s early 1960s success. Additionally, he was chosen 22 times for Scotland’s national team and later served as a manager.

Wilson, who was born January 10, 1939, in the mining community of Newton outside of Glasgow, was a young Rangers fan. When he went to Ibrox Stadium, he got instruction from Alan Morton, a previous great who occupied the left flank position, where Wilson rose to prominence.

Who Is Davie Wilson? Why Is Davie Wilson Popular?
Who Is Davie Wilson? Why Is Davie Wilson Popular?

Prior to turning 18, Wilson made his first-team debut on January 2, 1957. He was chosen for European matches against AS Saint-Étienne and AC Milan, and he played enough games to earn a League winner’s medal in 1959.

However, it wasn’t until the 1959–60 season that he started playing regularly for the team.

Wilson played for the Dumbarton, Dundee United, and had an international career before he became he had two stints as manager of the Boghead Park club, producing players like Murdo MacLeod, Graeme Sharp, and Graeme Sinclair while serving as assistant manager to Alex Wright at Dumbarton, where the Sons advanced to the 1975–76 Scottish Cup semifinal round.

Why Is Davie Wilson Popular?

Davie Wilson, who was a former winger for Scotland and Rangers is currently trending because he passed away today at the age of 85. Wilson’s family said in August of last year that he had ceased traveling to Ibrox games because of “ongoing Alzheimer’s and Dementia issues.”