Akeem Omolade, who was born in the former political center of Northern Nigeria’s Kaduna State, came to Italy at the age of 17 and joined Treviso, where he made his Serie B debut as a professional.

Following that, he joined Torino, where he made his Serie A debut. He continued to play football in Italy’s lower divisions after leaving Torino.

Who Is Akeem Omolade? What Happened To Akeem Omolade?
Who Is Akeem Omolade? What Happened To Akeem Omolade?

He relocated to Sicily in 2011 to join Mazara. Before rejoining Mazara in 2013, he competed for Ribera 1954 in Serie D in 2012. He took a further turn downward in 2014 when he joined the Marsala-based Promozione club, Borgata Terranova.

He also participated for Altofonte in the first Sicilian division last year.

Omolade became very famous in 2001 after facing racist critiques when he was recruited at Treviso, his teammates had painted their faces black to show solidarity with the fans

What Happened To Akeem Omolade?

It was reported that Omloade was scheduled to visit the hospital that Monday morning but he was not able to move his leg at all.

The former striker from Nigeria passed suddenly in Italy in the neighborhood of Palermo, where his lifeless body was discovered inside a car. According to GOAL, the 39-year-old was discovered dead inside a car in Palermo after spending his whole career there.