CTV News has projected and reported Doug Ford as the ultimate winner of the 2022 Ontario General Election. In 22 of 124 ridings, Ford’s Conservatives have either won or are in the lead.

It would appear that the New Democratic Party is in second place, while the Liberals are in third. The incumbent representative for Etobicoke North ran a cautious front-runner campaign, attending only a few events at which reporters had the opportunity to ask him questions and turning down a large number of requests for one-on-one interviews.

Doug Ford
Doug Ford

Instead, the 57-year-old candidate chose to highlight the commitments made by his party to improve infrastructures, such as Highway 413, by holding massive inside rallies with his followers and large picture opportunities outside.

The majority of polls conducted during the campaign showed that Ford was in the lead. Several surveys conducted this week put him more than 10% ahead of the Liberals and even further ahead of the NDP.

His party made several campaign pledges, including the construction of a highway linking the York, Peel, and Halton regions, the allocation of up to $40 billion over the course of ten years for hospital construction and redevelopment, the elimination of provincial income taxes for a wider swath of workers with lower incomes, and the permanent elimination of fees for license plate stickers.