Andy Fletcher was an English keyboard player, musician, DJ, and founding member of the Depeche Mode. Fletcher was married to his now widowed wife Gráinne Mullan. Gráinne first met her late husband Fletcher when touring the world at his concerts in 1988. By then, she was just a fangirl and was working as a managing director at Gascognes.

After five years of dating, Andy and Gráinne got married on January 16, 1993. The couple had been married for 29 years and had two children together.

Andy Fletcher Wife Gráinne Mullan Wiki, Net Worth, Children
Andy Fletcher Wife Gráinne Mullan Wiki, Net Worth, Children

During their 28th anniversary last year, she posted “Happy Anniversary to us.No sun-kissed beach. No complaints. Just Thankful”.This is not the first time  Gráinne was posting about such things as she was the most vocal about their relationship. She was mostly posting on Instagram about their activities and never ceased to use her social media to wish her husband Andy Fletcher happy anniversaries.

Gráinne comes from Basildon, Essex but she is currently residing in London, United Kingdom. Sources have reported that Gráinne was born on January 25, 1964, she is currently 58 years old.

There is not much information about ‘s parents Gráinne but we know her mother passed away in December 2020 and her father turned 86, on August 12, 2018.

Gráinne had worked at the Ferret and Spanner PR in 1985 and when she resigned in 1991 she worked as the managing director at Gascognes for 9 years. Fletcher on the other hand was touring the world with his band Depeche Mode.

You can view Gráinne’s pictures, videos, and posts on her Instagram pages @grainnefletcher.

Andy Fletcher’s Wife Gráinne Mullan’s Net worth

The net worth of Gráinne is currently unknown but she could have an estimated amount of $ 500,000. Andy Fletcher however had an estimated net worth of $70 million which is money he had earned from his jobs as a DJ, musician, and manager.

Andy Fletcher’s Wife Gráinne Mullan’s Children

Gráinne and Andy were blessed with two children. The couple welcomed their first child  Megan Fletcher on August 25 1991 and their second child Joe Fletcher June 22, 1994.

Megan is working at the International Talent Booking and has a BSc in Economics and International Relations. On her 30th birthday last year, Gráinne posted pictures of her on her Instagram page with the caption “…Happy Birthday Megan . We love you”.

The couple’s son Joe is a teacher in the day and a Bartender/DJ at night. He teaches at the Gesher School and DJed at the KOKO London.