Ann Turner Cook, who was the first Gerber baby, passed away on June 3 at the age of 95.

Friday, the company shared an Instagram post honoring the late author to let people know about the news. 

On the first slide, Gerber put up a picture of Cook as an adult, followed by a drawing of her as a baby with the note, “The drawing of Ann that would become Gerber’s famous logo.”


“Gerber is deeply saddened by the death of Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, whose face was sketched to become the famous Gerber logo more than 90 years ago,” the caption said.

“Many years before she became an amazing mother, teacher, and writer, her smile and open-hearted curiosity won everyone’s hearts and will always be a symbol for all babies.”


The description ended with a heartfelt message for Cook’s family: “We send our deepest condolences to Ann’s family and to anyone who knew her.”

Before her retirement, Cook was an English teacher in Tampa, Florida, and a mystery novelist, in addition to being one of the most accidentally renowned faces in the world.


Since 2010, Gerber has conducted an annual picture contest to choose a new “spokesbaby” for the company. In 1928, however, Cook had the distinction of being the first Gerber infant.


Dorothy Hope Smith, a family friend, drew a charcoal portrait of Cook when she was five months old and submitted it to the company the previous year; Cook won the contest as a result.

Cook’s face soon became so iconic with the company that just three years after the sketch was chosen, it was adopted as Gerber’s official trademark and has been an integral part of the company’s branding ever since.

Ann Turner Cook Cause of Death

Ann Turner Cook died naturally at her home in  St. Petersburg, Florida at the age of 95.