The 27-year-old Thai cosplayer was taken to the hospital when asphyxia was suspected due to food becoming lodged in her throat. Arisara Karbdecho, a social media personality, has died, according to her family, after falling into a coma early this year.

In March, the Thai beauty and social media celebrity choked on pork kebabs and sticky rice while hurrying to finish her supper. Arisara died on June 6, several months after going into a coma as a result of the bizarre choking episode.

The late star’s mum Supicha, 57, has explained how her daughter was always in a rush and had been busy when she consumed her meal quickly earlier this year, with food becoming lodged in her throat and causing her to choke.

Arisara, who goes by the online handle Alicebambam, was transported to the hospital, but doctors said it was “nine minutes too late” since her brain had been starved of oxygen.

The popular actress was put on life support until Monday when her death was confirmed. Sirikanda Chaiburut, Arisara’s friend, has informed them that a wake would be held for her until June 10 and that she will be laid to rest the next day.

“We were all startled when the accident happened, but we were all hoping she would recover,” a friend of the late actress stated after her death.

“She was very lovely and young. I’m heartbroken that she’s gone for good.”Arisara’s grieving mother Supicha Supicha has also spoken following her daughter’s death, reminding teenagers to be mindful of their health.

“I would like to remind all teenagers to take good care of their health, eat food on time, and get enough rest,” she said after it was confirmed the social media star had passed away.