Eduardo Lizalde Chávez was a Mexican poet, scholar, and administrator who was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He passed away on May 25, 2022.

Eduardo Lizalde Chávez was born on July 14, 1929. Lizalde earned the nickname “El Tigre” due to reoccurring themes in his work.

These themes sprang from Lizalde’s affection for the tales of Salgari and Kipling throughout his boyhood. According to him, “The tiger has been a fascinating figure from Biblical times till today, and I don’t believe there has ever been a writer who has never made a reference to tigers.

” This is what he has to say on this topic. The tiger is a symbol not just of beauty and elegance but also of ferocity and devastation.

At the age of 93, Mexican poet Eduardo Lizalde Chávez passed away. He was the author of several well-known poetry works, including “El Tigre en la house,”

“Everything is Babel,” and “The Sick Fox.” Institutions such as the General Directorate of Publications and Editorial Development of the UNAM (Libros UNAM) and the Mexican Academy of Language have made this information public.

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