Baby Holly Marie was a baby when she, together with her parents, Tina, 17, and Harold Dean Clouse Jr., 21, disappeared in Texas in 1980. Her parent’s bodies were found in a wooded area in Houston, Texas in 1981, but their identities were unknown until 2021 when their found bodies were identified using genetic genealogy.

Is Baby Holly Marie Dead Or Alive?

Baby Holly Marie has been found after 41 years of her disappearance. She is now 42 years old, alive and doing well.


Baby Holly Marie
Baby Holly Marie

On Thursday, 9 June 2022, the Texas Attorney General’s office announced that they had located Holly Marie. The Attorney General, Ken Paxton said “I am extremely proud of the exceptional work done by my office’s newly formed Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit,”.

He also said, “My office diligently worked across state lines to uncover the mystery surrounding Holly’s disappearance. We were successful in our efforts to locate her and reunite her with her biological family.”

After her parents were confirmed dead, Holly Marie was still not found, not her body or anything to prove her whereabouts. Now that she has been found, investigators are yet to reveal how they located Holly and how she survived after her parents were murdered.

Authorities handling the case have also not spoken about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Holly’s parents, Tina and Dean in 1980.