After a gunman opened fire on a huge gathering in Philadelphia late Saturday, three people were killed and 11 others were injured in a mass shooting.

Multiple gunshots were heard soon before midnight on South Street in the popular downtown area, with reports of “many gunmen” on the scene, according to police.

According to Philadelphia Police Inspector DF Pace, a police officer replied by firing one shot in the direction of a suspected shooter. Authorities say one of the suspects dropped his weapon and fled the area.

In the crossfire, fourteen persons were killed. Two males and one woman died in the hospital as a result of gunshot wounds.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the victims of the shooting were 22-year-old Kristopher Minners, 27-year-old Alexis Quinn, and 34-year-old Gregory “Japan” Jackson.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, four people were murdered and 28 were injured in a series of mass shootings across the country on Saturday, including in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona.

According to the Philadelphia-Pennsylvania American Federation of Teachers, Kristopher Minners died from his injuries after being hit by gunshots on the famed street Saturday night.

According to police, the horrific shooting began when numerous gunmen opened fire on crowds, killing 14 people. Three persons were killed and at least 11 others were injured in the shooting.

Minners was a member of the Girard College Federation of Teachers and a second-grade resident adviser at Girard College in Philadelphia.