Many musicians consider winning a Grammy Award to be the pinnacle of their careers. While singers like Beyoncé and Jay-Z have each won more than 20 Grammys, it is easier said than done.

Several celebrities have been nominated by the Recording Academy more than a dozen times yet have never received an award. Snoop Dogg, for example, once stated that he would boycott the Grammys since he had been nominated 16 times but had never won.

Other vocalists, on the other hand, consider themselves fortunate to have been nominated at all. Katy Perry has 13 Grammy nominations but no wins.

The Recording Academy Bebe Rexha had her first two Grammy nominations in December 2018, and while she didn’t win any awards at the February 2019 ceremony, she celebrated the achievement nonetheless.

1. Demi Lovato

Despite her amazing singing abilities and chart-topping tunes, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer has never won a Grammy. She got her first nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2017 for her 2015 album Confident. Two years later, she was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her duet “Fall in Line” with Christina Aguilera.

2. Miley Cyrus

Aside from her tremendous fame, Cyrus has only received one Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2015 for Bangerz.

3. Notorious B.I.G

Before his death in 1997, Biggie Smalls was a four-time Grammy nominee. He was nominated for songs like “Big Poppa” in 1996 and his album Life After Death in 1998, but he never won.

4. Bob Marley

Marley did not get a single Grammy nomination until 2001, 20 years after his death in 1981. After becoming the focus of the documentary Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story, which was released in 2000, the reggae musician received nominations for Best Long Form Music Video and Best Music Film. In 2001, he was also honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

5. Nas

Nas has never received the highest accolade. However, he has gotten 14 Grammy nominations for singles like “If I Ruled The World” in 1997 and albums such as Hip Hop Is Dead in 2008.

6. Nicki Minaj

Despite being nominated for ten Grammys over her career, Minaj has yet to win one. When the nominees for the 61st annual Grammy Awards were unveiled in December 2018, fans were upset since the rapper was rejected in every category.

7. Sia

The Australian singer-songwriter is responsible for some of Hollywood’s biggest songs, including Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” and Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” as well as many of her own popular songs, yet she has yet to win a Grammy. She has been nominated nine times in the past.

8. Katy Perry

Perry has never won a Grammy despite receiving 13 nominations. “Of course, winning would be fantastic, but it’s good to even be acknowledged that you may be nominated,” the singer told Capital FM in December 2013.

9. Tupac Shakur

The late musician is widely regarded as one of the greatest rap artists of all time. Throughout his career, he was nominated for six Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album in 1996 and 1997, but he never won any before being assassinated in September 1996.

10. Diana Ross

Diana Ross received The Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, although despite 12 nominations since her debut single was released in 1965, she has never won a standalone Grammy Award.

11. Snoop Dogg

The rapper has been nominated 16 times but has never won a Grammy. Morten Lindberg, a Norwegian sound engineer, is the only individual with more Grammy nominations but no wins.