Mark Rylance Waters, a British theatre actor, and director was born on January 18, 1960, in Ashford, Kent, England. He is known for his period-specific enactments of both male and female roles in William Shakespeare’s works, as well as his emotional depictions of modern people.

Bad news has recently hit the actor as Jonathan Waters, Mark Rylance’s brother, perished in a bike accident on May,27. Jonathan Waters, a 60-year-old sommelier, was hit by a car while riding in Oakland last month.

Mark Rylance Brother Jonathan Waters Obituary
Mark Rylance Brother Jonathan Waters Obituary

He died a day after the crash due to head injuries. Because there is no replacement for Rylance’s character of Johnny “Rooster” Byron, Jez Butterworth’s play has been canceled this weekend.

Rylance, who is presently acting in the West End, released a statement confirming his brother’s death. Rylance, who is currently performing in the West End, took time off to attend his late brother’s memorial service in the United States.

Jonathan Waters lived in Berkeley, California, and worked at Chez Panisse, one of Berkeley’s most recognized restaurants. Susannah, his and Rylance’s sister, also paid tribute to him on Instagram, writing: “On Saturday we lost my beloved brother. To witness the reactions as the news spreads allows you to understand the hundreds of people who loved him and said he changed their lives”