Is Mino Raiola Dead Or Alive?

Mino Raiola has verified that he is alive and well after his agency shot off rumors that the football super-agent had died at the age of 54.

Raiola is thought to be in critical condition in the hospital right now. However, on Thursday afternoon, he tweeted: “For those who are curious, my current health status is: p****d off for the second time in four months.

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They also appear to be able to resuscitate.”

According to a RouteOneFootball post on Twitter, Railo’s right-hand man has also confirmed that the Football agent is alive but it is a bad situation


Raiola, who represents Paul Pogba, Erling Haaland, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, died on Thursday, according to rumors from Italy shared on Twitter by Tancredi Palmeri.

His agency, however, stated: “They’re rumors that aren’t true. He [Mino Raiola] is still alive.” “He’s in a grave situation, but he hasn’t died,” Rodriguez continued. Raiola then took to Twitter to announce that, despite the claims, he is still alive.

His official Twitter account stated in January that he had undergone surgery after being hospitalized, but the nature of the procedure was not disclosed.

According to a tweet: “Mino Raiola is undergoing routine medical examinations that necessitate anesthetic. Everything went according to plan, and there was no need for emergency surgery.”

As the season approaches the transfer window, when he has prospered as one of the sport’s top agents for years, the fake news of his death stunned the football world.

Raiola’s most famous clients are Haaland, Pogba, and Ibrahimovic, and he has been involved in several of the trio’s high-profile trades.