Queen Elizabeth II Cause Of Death

Operation London Bridge has gone into operation when the Royal Palace disclosed that 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for covid. This information clarifies her state of health, which is steady with just slight symptoms.

According to documents obtained by foreign media, the British government must take extraordinary measures to deal with the huge crowds and travel problems that might make London “packed” for the first time in history. These measures include a comprehensive security operation.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet will meet Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at St Pancras Station, and the new king, formerly known as Prince Charles, will begin a tour of the United Kingdom in advance of her funeral.

For the ten days before Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the intricacies of the program range from the trite to the absurd. There are concerns that if Downing Street does not lower its flags to half-staff within ten minutes of activation, it may face a flood of public outrage.

Whitehall agencies will not be allowed to retweet without the permission of the government’s communications director.

As news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II spreads, there will be a “cascade of calls” from top government officials, including Prime Minister David Cameron, Cabinet Secretary Sajid Javid, and others.

The Privy Council Office, which is tasked with coordinating the government’s operations on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, will be briefed by her private secretary.