For more than half a century, Tokyo-based The Associated Press photo editor and photographer Toru Takahashi diligently captured and shared his knowledge with colleagues. Sixty-two.

Mieko Takahashi, the husband of Takahashi, who had been battling lung cancer, confirmed his death on Friday, just a few days after he returned home from the hospital.

Toru Takahashi
Toru Takahashi

He joined AP in Tokyo as an editing assistant, doing errands for photographers and writers. He is originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan. Eventually, he got a job editing and taking images after learning both English and photography from more experienced members of the team.

On duty, Takahashi was noted for his caustic sense of humor and tireless attention to detail. The AP would not regret sending Takahashi to cover a Formula One event in central Japan at the beginning of his career.

Toru Takahashi funeral

Toru Takahashi’s funeral service is yet to be announced by his family.

Toru Takahashi date

Toru Takashi’s funeral date remains unknown.

Toru Takahashi venue

The venue of Toru Takahashi’s funeral venue is not known

Toru Takahashi photos

Toru Takahashi
Toru Takahashi

Toru Takahashi full burial service

Tory Takahashi’s full burial service is not communicated by his family.