Christopher Wallace is an American television journalist who has spent more than 50 years working for CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News.

He is known for his harsh and wide-ranging interviews, for which he is frequently likened to his father, journalist Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes. According to a 2018 study, he is one of America’s most trusted television news anchors.

As he moderated the final 2016 United States debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Chris Wallace became the first Fox News journalist to moderate a presidential debate.

In his aggressive questioning of both presidential candidates, he won acclaim from both sides of the aisle. On CNN+ in 2022, he will debut a new interview series called “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

Wallace was born to Mike Wallace and Norma Kaphan in Chicago, Illinois. Because he was born on Columbus Day, he was given the name Christopher.

He began his career as a news reporter for WHRB, Harvard’s student radio station. He was detained by Cambridge police officers while covering the 1969 student occupation of University Hall.

How Much Does Chris Wallace Make?

Wallace is an author in addition to his broadcast journalistic job. Chris Wallace, a well-known journalist and TV host, is worth an estimated $6 million. He is paid a salary of $125,000 each month.