The Grammy Award for Best Classical Compendium is given to recording artists for exceptional compendium CDs in the classical music genre at the Grammy Awards, which were first held in 1958 and were previously known as the Gramophone Awards.

The National Academy of Music Arts and Sciences of the United States presents awards in numerous categories at the event each year to “celebrate creative achievement, technical skill, and overall excellence in the recording business, regardless of album sales or chart position.”

For the 55th Grammy Awards, this category was created. It’s for “an album collection featuring at least 51 percent playing time of freshly recorded material of performances (vocal or instrumental) by various soloists and/or ensembles incorporating a combination of classical subgenres,” according to the category description criteria.

These albums may not be included in other classical album categories, however classical crossover albums may be eligible.

Who Won Best Classical Compendium?

“Women Warriors – The Voices of Change,” won the Best Classical Compendium in this year’s Grammys.

Conductor: Amy Anderson

Producers:Amy Andersson, Mark Mattson and Lolita Ritmanis

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change is a revolutionary concert that celebrates the courage and heroism of worldwide activists battling for social justice, human and civil rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental issues, minority rights, gender equality, and the right to an education for every girl.

This performance, which highlights over sixty-five activists who have changed the course of history, is a cultural tour de force whose time has come.

Amy Andersson, Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir and conductor Aira Birzina, and an incredible team of award-winning Hollywood female composers and songwriters have collaborated to create an inspiring and uplifting multi-media symphonic concert that gives voice, hope, and courage to women and girls around the world.

On September 20th, 2019, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center hosted the international premiere.