Who Won Best Rock Performance?

Foo Fighters Won Best Rock Performance at the prestigious Grammys awards for their recording of Making a Fire.

With Taylor Hawkins’ death still fresh in their minds, it seemed clear that the Foo Fighters would decline to accept the Best Rock Performance Award. They take home the award for ‘Making a Fire.’

All of the candidates — AC/DC, Black Pumas, Chris Cornell, Deftones, and Foo Fighters — were also eligible for prizes in other categories this year, improving their chances of winning one of those coveted, legendary golden gramophones.

As much as there is reason to rejoice, the Best Rock Performance category this year is tinged with sadness, both old and new.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, who died in 2017, earned a posthumous nomination, and the loss of candidate Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins on March 25 sent a shockwave across the music world.

This year, honors for Best Rock Performance, Best Metal Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album will be given out in the category of heavy music.

Traditionally, the distinction between the Performance and Song categories has been based on who played on the records and who wrote the songs, respectively.

It’s more typical for songwriters to also play as musicians in rock and metal, although this isn’t always the case in other genres.