Bobbi-Anne McLeod is an 18-year-old student who was found dead after three days of going missing and was last seen at a bus stop in Plymouth while on her way to meet friends in November.

According to reports, the young deceased lady was supposed to meet up with her friends in the city centre but she was said to have not shown up leading to her friends informing her parents and family about it.

A search was made which resulted in her been found three days later near Bovisand Beach about seven miles from her home.

Bobbie_Anne McLeod is known to have been a very calm lady.

In the latest update, a young guy who happens to be a lead guitarist in a local indie band, Rakuda by the name of Cody Ackland had admitted to killing the lady.

Speaking during the court hearing, Cody was seen adorned in jeans and a grey jumper whiles he stood before the judge at the Plymouth Crown Court.

The court hearing saw Bobbi’s parents in the courtroom as he made the statement of him being the culprit behind the death of their daughter.

Cody has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 19 May.