South African entrepreneur and business magnate, Elon Musk has announced his company SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband service had been activated in Ukraine.

This happened after a Kyiv official urged him to provide his country with stations.

Musk tweeted; “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.”

Internet services in Ukraine have been enormously impacted by the Russian attack. According to web blockage observatory NetBlocks, the association is significantly hampered in the southern and eastern pieces of the nation where battling has been heaviest.

Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov had encouraged Musk to give Starlink administrations to Ukraine.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which has resulted in the killing of dozens of people. Also, this has forced more than 50,000 to flee Ukraine in just 48 hours.

Ukraine’s defense ministry said Russian forces during the night launched strikes with “long-range precision weapons using air-and sea-launched cruise missiles” against the military infrastructure of Ukraine.