The Internet this Monday morning is buzzing with sad news about the sudden demise of TV show host Erin Jayne Plummer. She has been described by many as a bubbly and friendly person and a super mum who loves “family things”. She worked on a couple of TV shows. Let us take a look at some of them.

Erin Jayne Plummer TV Shows

Erin worked on three different shows Mornings with Kerri-Anne, The Circle, and The Morning Show. Here she was known to have a heartily market investigator attitude over the most recent three years that she worked there. Erin was a fulfilled synchronized swimmer who represented Australia at three world championships. She gained 11 nationwide titles.

Erin was a correspondent for Foxtel’s TV Shopping Network where she presents her ordinary live shows and offers the new subjects of deals and family materials. She earned her title lover of “family things” here.

Erin was an extremely familiar moderator and worked on projects like Clive TV, The Trophy Room Pilot, and Info break Advertorials.

Erin’s most famous all-time tv show is the Aerobics OZ TV. She was a presenter for the Aerobics OZ model for six years. This was an educative aerobics TV collection, which aired from 1982 to 2005, had world viewers of over 40 million at its peak, and was broadcast in additional more than 80 nations.

Erin, through her TV shows, promoted everything from therapeutic massage chairs and exercise applications to slimming denim and steam mops.

Erin Jayne Plummer


Erin was one splendid journalist and TV personality, however, there seems to be no detailed information about any awards won by her on the Internet. She is loved by many and even with no information about awards we know for sure she will win a gold medal for being a super mum to her kids. We will still hunt around for more about Erin and share them with you as soon as we get them.