Gianni Clerici, a journalist and author, died at the age of 91 in Bellagio on Lake Como. As a sports reporter for the Gazzetta Dello Sport, he was a former tennis player who competed at Wimbledon.


The affliction of the flawless commentary. When Rino Tommasi and Gianni Clerici devised the commentary for two, we were still in the previous century. They had no successors but unhappy, tragic followers.


One, Tommasi, was a computer-like human being, and he was never wrong about a date or a meeting or a statistical analysis (but underneath it was a histrionic attitude).

It is a rare and difficult art called contempt that Clerici used to disseminate his vast knowledge. Culture should never be seen as such, but rather buried and made almost for amusement.

Clerici, a former collegiate tennis player, was known to crack jokes and relate amusing anecdotes (but underneath was the conscientious chronicler who escaped nothing).


When it came to their commentary, they used both the precision of a line and the grace of flight, as well as current events and witticisms.

During the Wimbledon final between Matteo Berrettini and Novak Djokovic, Sky commentator Elena Pero and technical commentator Paolo Bertolucci wanted to remember the Tommasi-Clerici couple, almost as a compensation for how they had been brutally put by part years earlier:

We are pleased to start with a thought to Rino Tommasi and Gianni Clerici, who taught us seriousness and lightness.

As a result, the two-way commentary often goes backwards, shifting genres from narrative to paraphrase (which necessitates long pauses and silences, as well as a high level of trust in the listener) and vice versa.


For those who continue to view the sporting event as a text (“mystery without a beautiful end,” in the words of Gianni Brera, who lifted the phrase from Guido Gozzano’s poem in honor of women”), the commentary’s role has regressed to that of the classroom, where students are no longer able to make sense of what they are seeing.

Flat language is the only way to explain everything to them.

Gianni Clerici Cause Of Death

Gianni Clerici’s cause Of death is not known yet. He was 91 years at the time of his death.


Gianni Clerici Tribute & Funeral

The family of Gianni Clerici will make a statement about his passing and the plans for his funeral after it has been finalized.