Cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys are now paid $12 an hour, in addition to receiving $400 for each gameday appearance they make. Having said that, it is believed that the annual salary of some senior-level cheerleaders is around $75,000.

Cheerleading is an activity in which players, sometimes known as cheerleaders, assist their team by cheering for them. It might be anything from vigorous physical exertion to sloganeering.

It can be done for competition, audience entertainment, or to inspire sports teams. Cheerleading routines often last one to three minutes and include stunts, tumbling, dancing, leaps, and cheers.

Basketball and American football are extremely closely related to contemporary cheerleading. Cheerleading teams are occasionally sponsored by sports including association football (soccer), ice hockey, volleyball, baseball, and wrestling.

Cheerleaders were introduced to international cricket competitions for the first time at the 2007 ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup in South Africa. The first Major League Baseball team to establish a cheering squad was the Florida Marlins.

With the student uprising of the late 18th century, cheerleading was born.  After the American Revolutionary War, instructors treated their students harshly.

College students angrily reacted to the insults from the instructors. The college freshmen got into a riot, set fire to university buildings, and started attacking professors.

However, students created and ran their own extracurricular activities independent of their teachers as a more subtle means of gaining independence. Due to this, American sports were created, starting with collegiate teams.