The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team’s home games are cheered on by the National Basketball Association cheerleaders known as the Laker Girls.

They also perform at numerous other occasions and locations. After purchasing the Lakers in 1979, Jerry Buss commissioned the Laker Girls.

How Much Does a Laker Girl Make?
How Much Does a Laker Girl Make?

Surprisingly, Ivy League schools were the only places where men could participate in cheerleading. However, because the men were engaged in combat during the Second World War, women stepped up.

They introduced a variety of sports, such as gymnastics and acrobatics, and as a result, the profession developed into what it is today. What are the NBA cheerleaders’ hourly pay rates then?

NBA cheerleaders were paid between $75 and $150 every game, according to a 2017 ESPN story. However, considering the part these dancers play in each game, some people thought that this sum was relatively low.

Thankfully, during the past few years, these rates have dramatically grown. A professional basketball dancer currently makes between $400 and $650 per hour.

One of the highest-paid cheerleading squads is that of the Los Angeles Lakers. A Laker Girl receives $600 for each game and the bonus is $1,500. An estimated $30,000 is the yearly wage.

The cheerleaders also gain other advantages, such as Added benefits if their team makes the playoffs, Free admission which sometimes includes transportation to the play area, and arena parking is free.