Most National Football League (NFL) teams have a cheerleading team in their organisation. The NFL Cheerleading is a group of professional dancers who chant, dance and cheer in support of a sports team at matches.

Out of the 32 NFL teams, 25 include a cheerleading squad in their team. Cheerleaders add support, popularity and huge media attention to the team. The first team to introduce cheerleaders was the Baltimore Colts in 1954.

Cheerleading is mostly a part-time job. Those that participate in it are usually high school and university graduates. A cheerleader often cheers for about four football seasons.


NFL cheerleader salary
NFL cheerleader

Aside from cheering, cheerleaders take part in charity works, and games and make appearances during games. They also advertise for the teams they cheer and every cheerleading member must be available to make an appearance at schools, events and conferences as and when it’s needed.

The cheerleaders have not always had a smooth work as there have been criticisms. People say it fetishizes women, it is shameful, among others and most cheerleaders have also sued their teams for maltreatment and unethical rules and behaviours.

Although cheerleaders are mostly women, there have been male cheerleaders too but it wasn’t until recently when they danced alongside the female cheerleaders. 

How Much Does an NFL Cheerleader Make?

An NFL Cheerleader earns between $50 to $75 per public appearance and $150 each game day.