Some people refer to them as water boys, while others call them ball boys or towel boys. Regardless of their name, they are all boys.

The NBA places a high priority on this position, despite what they’re labeled. In the midst of a grueling sporting event, these staffs are on hand to supply players with drinks, towels, and other necessities.

They may even lend a hand with bandages if one of the athletes is hurt. However, how much money can you make in this position?

NBA Towel Boy
NBA Towel Boy

Although the moniker “towel boy” is sometimes deceptive, there are no rules requiring them to be male.

However, anyone who accepts the position must be willing to adhere to the regulations laid out in the lengthy NFL and NBA rulebooks.

All players are limited to one towel at a time, and that towel must be white with the official logo on it. Because of this, each player coming off the field will need a new towel from the towel boy.

Towels are a must-have, but so is the requirement that all members of the crew be clearly visible on the field at all times. This implies that you must wear only NFL-approved gear when attending an NFL game.

A visible credential with the term “Bench” clearly visible on it is also essential.

How Much Does an NBA Towel Boy Make?

Towel boys in the NBA make between $55,000 and $60,000 per year.