Fox Sports journalist Megan Barnard has broken her silence after her former colleague Tom Morris was dismissed for a terrible video in which he disclosed her sexuality.

Morris was dismissed last Friday after a WhatsApp chat about Barnard’s sexual orientation went viral.

He ‘broke a boundary’ when he referred to Barnard in highly vulgar words, according to a Fox Sports internal probe, which the Daily Mail Australia has opted not to publish.

Morris apologized profusely for the remarks, as well as for another video in which he made insulting remarks against women, Asians, black people, and homosexuals.

Fox Journalist, Megan Barnard’s Respond

Barnard thanked people for their support throughout her suffering in an Instagram statement on Sunday, while also criticizing Morris without naming him.

‘Fortunately, I am at a point in my life where I am at ease with myself and can manage something really personal being public,’ she started.

‘However, if this had occurred only a few years ago, it would not have been the case.’

‘Coming out is a process that should never be forced onto anyone. ‘No one should be talked about in such a demeaning way.’

‘I hope I can be a catalyst for change in not only the sports sector, but every industry,’ she wrote at the end.