A federal jury in Los Angeles has indicted Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of three criminal counts for deceiving the FBI around a 2016 unfamiliar mission commitment.

Fortenberry was seen as at fault for conspiring to distort and disguise material realities, alongside two counts of offering bogus expressions to government agents.

The three crimes felony in the prosecution each conveys a legal most extreme punishment of five years in a government jail.

Legal hearers thought for around two hours before the choice was reported. Fortenberry said he intends to pursue the decision.

“We always felt like it was gonna be hard to have a fair process,” Fortenberry said outside the courthouse.

Prosecutors said Fortenberry concealed information from FBI investigators as they questioned the Congressman about illegal foreign contributions to Fortenberry’s 2016 re-election campaign.

In closing arguments, US Attorney Susan Har said Fortenberry “… chose to conceal the truth, he chose to lie to federal investigators when they came to ask question … believing his status and privilege as a congressman would shield him from his choices.”