What did German do to His Wife?

German slapped his then  girlfriend after a team charity event in 2019.

Germán and his girlfriend attended CC Sabathia’s charity event in September 2019. There were also a lot of Germán’s 2019 teammates and their families in attendance. Sources claim that Germán slapped his girlfriend on the occasion.

Several league sources, including a person familiar with the MLB inquiry, claim that Germán was drunk when he attacked his fiancée, who then fled into a locked room.

The victim stayed with the teammate’s wife as the player sought to calm Germán, who was described as irate and confrontational. MLB was notified of the event by another member of the Yankees staff, who had been informed of it by Germán’s girlfriend. The victim made no attempt to contact authorities.

For the first time since his domestic violence suspension, New York Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán appeared in public on Wednesday. After allegedly punching his girlfriend during a team charity function in 2019, Germán was suspended for 81 games in 2020.

The news conference began with a prepared address by Germán. He expressed his regrets to the Steinbrenners, Aaron Boone, and Brian Cashman, the team’s manager, and general manager, respectively. During the initial statement, Germán made no mention of his girlfriend.

The media has been asking about Germán’s return, but he hasn’t spoken publicly about it until Wednesday. With the clearest message, reliever Zack Britton said he disagreed with what Germán is accused of having done and that domestic abuse has “no place in the game or off the field at all.”