What language does Domingo German Speak?

Domingo German Speaks Spanish.

Speaking in Spanish through a translator, German apologized to members of the media and teammates for the domestic violence incident that resulted in him being placed on administrative leave and suspended for the whole 2020 season.

In the morning of Monday, fresh worrisome details regarding German’s behavior appeared, delaying German’s scheduled media appearance. As a result of that, he postponed the media session and it was rescheduled for Wednesday at the earliest.

However, even the most optimistic Yankees supporters are beginning to have doubts about the right-ability hander’s to fill a crucial vacuum in the team’s starting pitching rotation Until the first day of April, German will not have pitched in a Major League game for 19 months.

To be fair, in his 55 career games, he’s showed very nothing as a player. Pitching depth is a need, but why bother if it’s accompanied by a lot of distractions or a lot of baggage?

On Wednesday, things didn’t get any better for him when he spoke to the media. He didn’t even bother to look up, and his face was expressionless.

What’s the very worst of it all? He spent the majority of the time expressing his regrets to the Yankees organization as well as his fellow players. When asked about the alleged victim of his conduct, his girlfriend, he didn’t say anything.