What Happened To DHL Cargo Plane In Costa Rica?

After crashing in Costa Rica, a DHL cargo plane broke in half.

The pilot requested an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Juan Santamaria airport because of a mechanical problem.

On the approach to Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria International Airport, a DHL Boeing 757-200 cargo plane skidded off the runway, broke in two, and lost its tail.

There were no injuries to the crew members, according to DHL, which is a division of Deutsche Post AG.

An apparent hydraulic system malfunction occurred when the plane was en route to Guatemala, according to Costa Rican civil aviation authority deputy director Luis Miranda Munoz.

Shortly after takeoff, the pilot requested an emergency landing because of the problem, according to him.

If you have more inquiries, you should contact the relevant law enforcement agencies, a Boeing spokeswoman stated.

However, DHL and the airport authorities stated they were working jointly to transfer the plane, and they insisted that it was not disrupting their daily operations.

To find out what went wrong, DHL said it had engaged its incident response team and was working with local authorities to launch an investigation.

Aeris, the operator of the San Jose airport, said the airport reopened at 3.30pm local time, about five hours after the disaster and several hours ahead of schedule.

Aeris estimates that the closure impacted 8,500 passengers and 57 commercial and freight planes.