After a 14-month struggle with terminal colon cancer, a single mother of four who would wake up soaked in perspiration every night was declared dead.


After being warned by doctors that western medicine couldn’t keep her alive, Sarah Langlands, 35, decided to travel to Thailand for her “last attempt at a cure” so she could see her children grow up.

Despite this, it appeared that the ‘holistic’ treatment offered at the Thai center was ineffective.


In a wrenching statement, Sarah’s sister announced that she had succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday, leaving the entire family distraught.

Cancer may be treated successfully in 90 percent of people if identified early, as she advised her friends and family to do.


You should get tested if you notice any changes in your bowel movements.’


In retrospect, it would be nice to have more information on bowel cancer. Her bereaved sister remarked, “Life is so precious, so fragile, we wish we had more time.”


‘It’s impossible to put into words how much our lives have been shattered by the loss of Sarah.’

Besides being hilarious and quirky, she was also loyal and caring. She meant the world to so many people and we will forever feel the agony of her absence.’


Her children wanted her to get better so that she could be present for them, so she contacted FEMAIL in March.


In addition to her standard Western treatments, which she felt “weren’t working well enough,” she was raising money for a trip to Thailand via Go Fund Me.


For the sake of her children, “It’s my final opportunity at a cure, and I need to get better.”

What Happened To Sarah Langlands?

After 14 months of battling colon cancer, Sarah Langlands, 35, has succumbed to her illness.

When Did Sarah Langlands Die?

Sarah Langlands died on Tuesday 2, June 2022.