Where Did The ‘Alien’ Creature with Claws on Australian Beach Come From?

An alien creature with claws was found dead on the shores of a beach in Australia by a man whose name was identified as Alex Tan.

The man who was having a nice time at the beach chanced upon the uncanny creature in Australia’s Queensland.

The animal which looks very scary was said to have had loose limbs, a long tail, and lizard-like claws.

The reptile which has never been seen before is said to be an “alien ” by most people who chanced upon the animal.

Sharing the post on his Instagram handle, Alex revealed that he was out on his morning walk when he bumped into it on the shore of Maroochydore beach in Australia.

According to Alex, the animal was dead and had flies hovering on it since it was dead.

Wildlife expert and daughter of Australian legend Steve Irwin revealed that the animal looked like a wallaby.

According to University of Queensland associate professor Stephen Johnston the animal is a swollen, waterlogged brushtail possum who has lost its fur.

Watch the video of the animal below;