Who Can Have An Abortion In Oklahoma State?

Minors and Women above 18 can have abortions in Oklahoma State by going through certain regulations.

According to the State Law, prior to getting an abortion, a woman must first go through 72 hours of state-mandated counseling, which includes information aimed at making her reconsider having one.

Abortion is only covered by private insurance coverage if the woman’s life is in danger; otherwise, an additional rider must be purchased.

Abortion is only covered under the Affordable Care Act’s health exchange plans if the woman’s life is in jeopardy, and only if the individual purchasing the plan adds on an optional rider.

Insurance policies for public employees only cover abortion in the event of imminent bodily harm, unless a separate optional rider is purchased.

Medical abortions administered via telemedicine are not permitted.

Before an abortion can be performed, the approval and notification of the child’s parent are required.

A woman can only receive public assistance for an abortion if she is at risk of dying, has been raped, or has an incestuous relationship.

In order to receive an abortion, a patient is required to undergo an ultrasound examination beforehand.

At least 20 weeks after fertilization (22 weeks following the previous menstrual cycle), an abortion can only be performed if the mother’s life or health is at grave risk.

This law is founded on the idea that a fetus can feel pain at that point in pregnancy, despite the fact that scientific data contradicts this claim.

Abortions for sex selection are illegal in the state. Abortion clinics are required by the state to meet needless and burdensome regulations regarding their physical building, equipment, and staff.