More than ten people were wounded and injured when a shooter detonated smoke bombs and opened fire on a Brooklyn subway system, according to officials.

Who Is Frank James?

Lt. Thomas Antonetti of the New York Police Department told CNN on Wednesday that a manhunt is underway for Frank James, 62, a suspect in the mass shooting in Brooklyn a day earlier that left ten individuals with gunshot wounds and 19 others injured.

Frank James
Frank James

None of the injured are believed to be in life-threatening condition, according to police.

According to the NYPD, James hired a U-Haul van, whose keys were discovered at the crime site. James has been linked to a YouTube channel with rambling videos.

The van’s key was found with a credit card that rented the vehicle out of Philadelphia. The gunman ran for hours until the police uncovered one of the most important clues, the van.

A screenshot from one of the films was used on an NYPD Crimestoppers brochure requesting information about the shooting, and he shows a City of New York ID card from a previous educational training program in another video.

Why Did Frank James Shoot People At Brooklyn Subway?

Frank James is yet to be arrested and plead guilty to the allegations leveled against him.

Police now have probable cause to arrest James for the attempted murder of ten people in the subway, law enforcement sources told ABC News.