Miguel Van Damme was a  known Belgian professional footballer who was born on September 25 1993 in Belgium and died on March 29, 2022, at the age of 28 of leukaemia. He served as a goalkeeper for the Cercle Brugge football team when he was alive.

Van found out he had leukaemia in June 2016 when he went for a routine check-up. A year after this revelation, the disease rescinded which allowed him to sign a fresh contract with the Cercle Brugge team. Van was able to play in the 2017, 2018 games since he felt better.

Unfortunately in January 2020, Van had a serious relapse from leukaemia and was told by doctors he had little chance to survive. He had to go through immunotherapy which helped for a while.

In June 2020, he signed a new one-year contract with Cercle Brugge. A year later in October 2021, he had a relapse again. He battled with the disease but lost the fight against leukaemia and died on March 29 2022.

Van Damme was married to Kyana Dobbelaere in 2018. The pair had one child who was born in 2021.

Miguel Van Damme Parents: Who is Miguel Van Damme’s mother?

Miguel Van Damme’s parent’s information is not known his mother’s name has been given as Bernadette Buysse, although we are not sure of this.