The Falcons, amidst their high record achievement, have also fallen short in recent and previous experiences and encounters. For 49 years of existence, they have been celebrated worldwide.

But here are some of the few shortcomings as well as worst Moments in the team’s history.

In the year 1967, the Falcons lost 38-31 close tournaments to Baltimore and 34-28 to San Francisco. This blowback actually made things uncomfortable for the Falcons as it was a major hit. Because Baltimore gave them another shocking 49-7.

The likes of William Andrew suffered a knee injury in 1984 which cost a great worry to the team as far as their running back was concerned.

THE 80s

The 80s were one of the most heartbreaking results the Falcons ever encountered. During the playoffs for the division, the Cowboys gave them a small margin defeat of 30-27. Steve Bartkowski was the lead quarterback at the time. The 1980s will always be reminding statue to them as a complete disaster.

Coaches Mario Campbell and Dan Henning during the 1980s were the worst coaches the team had. Their tenure was filled with bad lucks and a lot of injuries.

William Andrew, the best running back at the time had an incident with the knee during training in the year 1984.

In 1989, two players were killed. Ralph Norwood and tight end Brad Beckman were killed.