Where Can I Have An Abortion In Oklahoma State?

Abortion can be conducted at clinics and facilities that meet stringent requirements for their physical plant, equipment, and personnel.

Accredited Abortion Facilities in Oklahoma

Planned Parenthood Great Plains in Oklahoma offers medication and in-clinic abortions and is located in Central Oklahoma City. In addition to medication, our Tulsa health center provides in-clinic abortion.


Trust Women Oklahoma City

Planned Parenthood – Central Oklahoma City Clinic

Tulsa Womens Clinic

Hope Pregnancy Center OKC North

Willow Pregnancy Support of Oklahoma City

Eden Clinic

Pregnancy care center

Evany Clinic Pregnancy and Wellness

Hope Pregnancy Center OKC South

Northeastern Oklahoma Hope Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy care center

Women’s Clinic

Hope Pregnancy Center

Planned Parenthood – Edmond Clinic

Pregnancy Resource Center

Reproductive Services

Hope Pregnancy Center

Journey House Pregnancy Resource Center

Eden Clinic

Waiting Period

A 72-hour waiting time is required in Oklahoma before an abortion can be performed. When you make an appointment over the phone or in person, you begin the waiting time.

Please contact or come to one of our health facilities in Central Oklahoma City or Tulsa, Oklahoma, to arrange an appointment.

If You’re A Minor

If you are under the age of 18, you must get the approval of one parent or legal guardian to have an abortion procedure performed on you.

Please print the Parental Consent Form below, initial/sign it in front of a notary, and bring it to the health clinic to be notarized.

You will need to complete a judicial bypass process if you do not have parental approval prior to an abortion. For further information about obtaining a judicial bypass, please contact the health center staff.