After six weeks of pregnancy, abortions are outlawed under the new law. Increasing numbers of women are increasingly opting to have corrective surgery outside of their own state.

After six weeks of pregnancy, abortions are outlawed under the new law. There has been an increase in the number of women traveling from other states for the procedure.

The parking lot outside a modest brick structure on Oklahoma City’s Southside was rapidly filling up on a windy Tuesday morning.

The first to arrive was a Texas-registered red pickup truck at around 8:00 a.m. The second and third were the same way.

As much as two-thirds of its planned appointments are from Texas now that the building is home to an Oklahoma abortion clinic.

The number of patients is so high that the hospital is scrambling to add more employees and doctors to keep up.

Abortions in Texas are now illegal after six weeks of pregnancy, owing to a new state law prohibiting them at that early stage of pregnancy.

Since the law went into force this month, Texans have begun to go beyond the state, with Oklahoma near Dallas being a popular destination.

Many Texans who have undesired pregnancies have been compelled to travel vast distances for abortions as a result of the new rule, which has had a significant impact on their lives.

Appointments are being planned at later dates as facilities in neighboring states fill up, increasing costs. Pregnancies of other women must be carried to term.

During the first week of the law’s implementation, “we had every line lighting up for eight hours straight,” says Jennifer Reince, a receptionist at Trust Women Oklahoma City.

Which Hospitals Perform Abortions In Oklahoma State?

Edmond Clinic

Address :

3431 S. Boulevard, Suite 108,
Edmond, OK 73013.

Central Oklahoma City Clinic

Address :

619 NW 23rd Street,
Oklahoma City, OK 73103.

Peoria Health Center

Address :

1007 S. Peoria Ave.,
Tulsa, OK 74120.


Address :

1240 S.W. 44th St., Oklahoma City OK, 73109