As part of the Falcon’s best performances in the team’s carrier seasons, one of those bragging moments for the Falcons has to do with the kicking prowess of some legendary individuals of all time since conception.

Falcons have had some of the Best Kickers in the history of the American Football – National Football League. Some individuals have distinguished themselves and have solidified their names in the history books of the club.

Below are some of the Atlanta Falcon’s best placekickers in history.


Matt Bryant – 2009-2019


Born 29 May 1975 in Orange Texas. A Pro Bowler for the Falcons in 2016. On December 1 Bryant was signed up by the Falcons. He appeared in five games. Against New Orleans Saints, he converted 3 goal field attempts.

Morten Anderson – 1995-2000

Born 19 August 1960 Copenhagen, Denmark. Played the NFL league for 25 seasons. He holds the record of 382 games played. Received an award of two golden Toe.

Mick Luckhurst – 1981-1987

Born March 31, 1958. Redbourn U. K. He played his entire professional career with the Atlantic Falcons. He made a thrilling mark against the Minnesota Vikings with a rushing touchdown. The only rushing attempt of his career.

Jay Freely – 2001-2004


Born May 23, 1976. He signed a one-year contract worth $209,000 with the Falcons on April 12, 2001. Converted 29 of 37 field goal attempts.


Younghoe Koo – 2019-present

Born August 3, 1994, Seoul South Korea. Placemaker for the Atlantic Falcons in the NFL.


Nick Mike-Mayer – 1973-1977

Born March 1, 1950. Place maker in the NFL from 1973 to 1982 for the Falcons. In total, he has made 115 field goals.


Norm Johnson – 1991-1994

Born May 31 1960 Inglewood. Placekicker for 18 seasons in the NFL. 366/477 field goals.

Tim Mazzeti – 1989


February 1, 1956. Old Greenwich. An ex-football place maker from 1978 to 1980.

Jason Elam – 2008-2009

Born March 8, 1970, Fort Walton. Earned 80.7% field goal. Scored 1,983 points.

Matt Prater – 2007

Born August 10, 1984, Mayfield. Made 349 touchbacks with 83% field goals. Held the NFL record for the longest field goal from 2013 until Justin Tucker.