Buffalo Bills Best moments have always been a prime concern, notwithstanding the remarkable performances they always showcase and advertise for lovers of American football and die-hard fans of the team.

In relation to those beaming and promising results, the worst Moments were never a situation they could have outrun despite their ravaging successes against opponents of high standards and middle-level standards as well.

Thomas Thurman

Thomas Thurman lost his helmet and by that, wrecked four straight super bowls. And most of the three offensive series he did miss them. This had a great impact on the team at the time and it lost 37-24 in favour of the Redskins.

Now when it came to the Dallas Cowboys they scored 24 unanswered points, Thurman faced another heavy strip by Leon Lett the goat star of SuperBowl.

Super Bowls Daring Deeds

Super Bowls obviously took advantage of the trailing moments. Even the chance of late field goal attempts were beyond reach. The Bills lost to the Super Bowls four consecutive times in the first time in history and it was really devastating.

June 17, 1994

Simpson and his family faced much humiliation at the time and as the saying goes heroes fall. It even became obvious Buffalo could not point any longer to its greatest hero.