When Holly Marie was a little child, both of her parents, Tina and Harold Dean Close Jr., disappeared. After relocating from Florida to Texas in 1980, they were never seen again after that year.

Marie and her parents were both taken captive at the same time, but years later, her parents’ deaths were discovered but she remained missing.

Baby Holly Marie

Holly Marie’s body was discovered after an exhaustive search that spanned 41 years. On June 9, 2022, the office of the Texas Attorney General made the announcement that they had located Holly Marie.

“I am extremely pleased with the great work done by my office’s newly created Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit,” stated the Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

“I am incredibly proud of the exceptional job they have done.” In addition to this, he stated, “My office laboured tirelessly across state boundaries in an attempt to solve the enigma of Holly’s disappearance.”

Our attempts to locate her and bring her back to her birth family were fruitful, and she is now reunited with them. Donna Casasanta, Holly Marie’s biological grandmother and the paternal grandmother of her biological father,

Revealing that her granddaughter was found on the birthday of her murdered son, she described the news as “a birthday surprise from heaven.”


After discovering that Marie had been located, the authorities have not yet disclosed how they made their discovery or how she was able to live through all of these years after her parents were killed.

In addition to this, we have not yet uncovered all of the details regarding the slaying of her parents, Tina and Dean, in the year 1980.

Is Holly Marie A Millionaire?

The specifics of her wealth are still unknown.