WPVI was informed by the Philadelphia Police Department that a fire broke out in the busy South Street district of the city around 3rd Street just before midnight.

Officers on patrol heard a number of gunshots and hurried to the location, where they noticed “many active shooters” firing into the crowd, according to Inspector PDF Pace, who spoke to the station about the incident. According to the police, a responding cop opened fire on one of the attackers.

It is not clear whether or not he was struck. According to the local newspaper, the suspect himself, along with four other people, were sent to Pennsylvania Hospital.

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center received three additional patients who had been shot. After midnight on Saturday, there was a shooting spree in Philadelphia, and according to the police, at least three people were murdered and another 10 people were injured.

There was no immediate information available on the conditions of the victims. According to the police, there were no injuries to any policemen.

What Did Joe Smith Say About the Philadelphia South Street Shooting?

According to the Inquirer, Joe Smith, 23, was waiting outside the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street when bullets were fired approximately 10 feet away.

“I didn’t believe it was going to stop once it started,” Smith said. “I heard guttural screams.” “I just heard screams,” says the narrator.

When he heard gunfire, he immediately thought of previous mass killings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, he told the outlet.