The bodies of two males and a woman have been found, according to police inspector D. F. Pace, who informed reporters at the scene that the shooters “saw many active shooters shooting into the crowd.”

Multiple shooters opened fire on a gathering in Philadelphia, the US, on Saturday, killing three people and injuring eleven others, according to authorities.

The shooting occurred on a popular nightlife street.


Officers responding to the incident “saw many active shooters shooting into the crowd,” according to D. F. Pace, a police inspector in the city of Detroit.


According to Pace, “you can imagine there were hundreds of people enjoying South Street, as they do every weekend, when this shooting broke out.”


While he didn’t specify the exact number of officers present at the time of first shots were fired, he did describe it as “normal deployment” for the region on weekends during peak tourist season.


A responding officer fired at one of the shooters, who dropped his weapon and fled, Pace said, though it was not apparent if the man was struck.


There have been no arrests reported by local media.


Pace stated that two semi-automatic weapons, one of which had an extended magazine, were found at the scene of the shooting.


A police check of surrounding businesses’ security footage from Saturday night, he said, would have to wait until the following morning.


‘A lot of unanswered questions,’ Pace said of the inquiry, calling it ‘fluid.’


There have been a number of high-profile shootings in the United States recently, including at a school in Texas, a church in California, a grocery store in New York, and a hospital in Oklahoma.

Numerous people have been killed as a result of these occurrences.

What Did Eric Walsh Say About Philadelphia South Street Shooting?

Eric Walsh, who was closing the outside sitting area of O’Neals, a tavern near Third and South, said, “It was chaos.” He witnessed a young woman collapse on the corner.


People were emerging from the street with blood splattered on their white sneakers and with scraped knees and elbows,” claimed a visibly frightened Walsh. “We were simply just rolling napkins into balls, moistening them, and passing them out to people.”